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Science Fiction Codex of Lists (2nd Edition) $1.99
Publisher: JEN Games
by Jim B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/06/2020 04:03:18

This is a solid collection of tables.

The 2nd edition has more than twice as many pages as the 1st edition. That's mostly by expanding the existing tables. Many tables have more entries in the 2nd edition, such as Alien Races going from 36 entries to 200. Some tables expand brief entries into a few sentences, such as Alien World Encounters, which goes from brief phrases in the 1st edition to the phrase plus a few lines of explanation in the 2nd edition.

As you can see from the product description and the preview, the tables cover a variety of science fiction flavors. You probably won't use every table in any given setting, but you'll probably find some relevant tables for most settings.

The tables cover a variety of needs: planets, species, encounters, equipment, technology, social structures, and so on. You could use these tables to flesh out your prepared adventures or to throw in some random elements on the fly. You could use them to aid character generation (PCs or NPCs).

The tables are system-neutral. It's up to you to figure out how to represent the results in your game system. For example, you could generate a world with low gravity or an NPC who's an explorer, and then you decide how to stat them up.

Overall, there's little risk of rolling up nonsensical combinations. Many of the tables are stand-alone. When you combine tables, such as rolling up a planet and an alien species to go with it, you could wind up rerolling. For example, your planet might have low gravity, and then you could roll up a species that calls for a high-gravity world. This can happen, but most combinations work out reasonably well.

One thing that's missing, and I'm glad it's missing, are entries like "GM's choice" or "Reroll." I don't need a table's permission to do what I want. These tables give you a result, every time.

My frequent complaints about other random table collections include "That's not what that word means; look it up" and "Sheesh, run a spelling checker." Those complaints do not apply to these tables (yay). So maybe there's a missing hyphen here and there, but for the most part, the entries are written clearly instead of making you figure out or tolerate poorly written descriptions.

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Science Fiction Codex of Lists (2nd Edition)
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