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Five Torches Deep $10.00
Publisher: Sigil Stone Publishing
by Ken W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/05/2020 13:37:50

This rulebook is awesome. I already had some of the rules in place, or at least comparable rules, as house rules; so, I suspect the authors and I sat around similar Old School RPG tables in our youths. Other rules were things I really wantd to do (like weapon and armor breakage) but hadn't come up with a fast way to do it in a d20 based system that wouldn't bog down the game. They did it. I love it. I won't be playing this stand-alone at this time, because I'm already GM'ing a Basic Fantasy Campaign. But next session is already set to have some of these rules added. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to bring some simple grit and old school feel to a 5e adventure - or even (like me) someone who is already using another Old School system, and would be willing to add or modify some mechanics to improve the feel and/or function of the game. This is the best addition to my gaming collection I have added in a very long while. Thank you.

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Five Torches Deep
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