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#iHunt: The RPG $30.00
Publisher: Machine Age Productions
by Kate G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/26/2019 10:28:21

This is a game of monster hunting in the cyberpunk dystopia of late stage capitalism. It is very pretty and at various points clever, funny, revealing, and distressing. The game uses a solid version of the fate core system, but I think this setting could be used pretty easily with whatever system you like for the monster hunting genre.

Game books set in the modern world, i think, tend to skip over discussing what life is like here and now. After all, we are supposed to know that for ourselves. But the modern world is changing faster and faster, and situations are not evenly distributed. This game essentially treats the present as an unfamiliar new setting and i think that approach is not just interesting, but it is a pretty good approach for a fun game.

i also like the tone of this game overall. it doesnt just feel like it is about the future we are living in, it feels like it is from there. It kind of reminds me of watching the X-Files way back. See, one day everyone in the real world got cell phones, and it changed all sorts of things about the way we lived. but the characters in TV dramas didnt have cell phones yet, for some reason. they were stuck in the past somehow. even when they got cell phones, they didnt really use them the way we were using them. When Mulder and Scully started to actually use their phones, there was a feeling that fiction was catching up with us at last. Reading iHunt gave me a similar feeling of recognition.

im looking forward to seeing this play out at my table. so more of this, please.

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#iHunt: The RPG
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