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Codex - Dark 2 (Dec. 2018) $7.00
Publisher: The Gauntlet
by Charles E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2019 06:55:42

The new tools for Swords Without Master and Rhapsody of Blood are good, but the reason a lot of people here is Trophy (now Trophy Dark). The thing is, they're right to be. Trophy Dark is the real deal, as far as horror games go. It's a tragedy up front, so players know to play hard with their characters. It's also collaborative between players and GM in a fashion which is really refreshing after rereading some older, more antagonistic horror games. We work together to tell the story of doomed adventurers going to a place that doesn't want them there. Using the skeleton of the spectacular Cthulhu Dark, this game's blood and flesh is very different. I've run the Incursion (adventure) from this issue of Codex and it is amazing. The format keeps things mutable, able to be changed and revisited. Hell, when I run this again and I will run this again, the adventurers from my last game will probably be there somewhere. At least, what's left of them will be.

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Codex - Dark 2 (Dec. 2018)
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