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GeneFunk 2090 Core Rulebook
Publisher: CRISPR Monkey Studios
by Mark H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/11/2019 13:33:16

Backed the kickstarter on this and a few similar ones looking to see how to bridge Cyberpunk genre with 5e rulesets.

In my opinion GeneFunk 2090 so far seems to be the best example of this.

Things I really like: The step beyond basic cyberpunk into gene editing and transhumanism. In that regard it seems much more mature a genre than simple cybernetics.

The classes seem nicely thought out and less 'cartoonish' than what you sometimes get when shoe-horning sci-fi into 5e.

The flavor the the hacks for the two hacker classes - simple little things like wording how your Alarm 'hack' works in the world of 2090 helps the story telling vibe of hacking vs magic.

Overall just a great attention to detail and making the ruleset feel natural and less forced. It may be one of the best SciFi adaptations to the 5e system I've personally seen.

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GeneFunk 2090 Core Rulebook
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