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Eclipse Phase Second Edition $19.99
Publisher: Posthuman Studios LLC
by Trevor W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/05/2019 22:52:14

As a fan of the first edition, I had some misgivings about the pool based addition when I had first looked through some of the previews. The changes seemed too divergent and different from the original, and would make it more complicated with no benefit. I'm glad to have been wrong.

That's not to say its any less crunchy than the original. Its just as crunchy, but its modular and easy to understand crunch. So, rather, its crunchy in all the right places. Some of it is streamlined and feels like a far more eligant system than the first edition.

As an example; the changes to Morphs and Egos. Morphs have unique qualities and built in augmentations called wares, but offer no direct changes to Aptitudes. The pools they come with, however, do offer you flexible ways to give handy, lasting bonuses and other fun benefits you decide on. It works out great and gives players both benefit and options, without having certain player types munchin in just the right bonuses. Throughout all this, your Ego Aptitudes and even skills (before bonuses) remain the same. Plus, Aptitudes are no longer limited by morph. Similar to the previous edition in many ways, but easier to work with. Its an approach that really fits the setting, in my opinion.

I find myself liking everything about this new edition. I highly recommend it!

I do have one semi-criticism/suggestion for the publishers: There's a distinct lack of a "slice of life" mission/adventure in any of the current or previous sources. I feel that something like this, an in-game introduction to the setting, would be a very strong addition. The setting itself is very difficult to grok in some ways, in particular an emotional one. I feel Eclipse Phase needs its own Food Fight, though perhaps made into a full mission to introduce the major concepts more gradually, with various actors that represent those concepts. Just some food for thought.

And thank you to Posthuman Studios for making this game and its setting. Keep it going strong!

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Eclipse Phase Second Edition
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