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Happilyeverafter $0.99
Publisher: Hex Games
by John H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/28/2010 15:05:37

I got sucker punched, I got blind sided, & I fell for the old bait and switch. A great idea for a setting but that idea got left out of the book.

$0.99, how can anyone complain about a product this cheap? Well let me start!

The tiny 9 page PDF was 10.644kb to download. Say what!? That was unnecessary.

You get a good fairy tale noir feel with the cover, one page. The next three pages you can see on’s preview, so half the book is free. The last page is a sort of adventure record sheet, nothing on it that needed to take up the whole last page. That leaves four pages that I paid under a buck for. So what is with the $0.99? Nothing you could not get from surfing the net or imagining yourself.

I was hoping for a nice detail of the city Happilyeverafter (what you get in the free preview is all you get). A section called “Cast of Thousands”? I got one, Rapunzel. Where is the other 999 or so cast members? There is this section called “Running a Fairy Tale/ Noir Adventure”. I was hoping to get some nice advice from it on running a noir fairy tale or at least noir and what it is (no luck there). It does have a sample adventure outline but leaves a lot for you to fill in. Then finally on the last page and a half is a tiny section on “Inspiration”, “SOME film noir rolls”, a nice list of fairy tale/nursery rhyme characters, the stats of Rapunzel, and only Satan knows why a list of actors called “Some Iconic WWPHITMs”. Not even one random generator of any kind (a plot generator would have been wonderful).

A big let down. But, why should I complain? I only spent a dollar. So heed my advice and save yourself time and your hard earned smaker, make it up yourself.

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