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Fantasy Set [BUNDLE] $36.50
Publisher: Arion Games
by Gregory O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/23/2010 08:50:24

The actual visual quality of the images/minis was quite good, although they do all have the 'computer-generated-doll' look that is common to CGI/Poser images. At the scale that they are used, this is fine, and there is enough variety to make the set a good value. Each set comes in two formats, one PDF and multiple Microsoft PowerPoint pages. The quality of the PDF is so-so, with relatively low-resolution images. Mostly fine for the minis themselves, but a bit blocky if you have a high-resolution printer. The PowerPoint images were excellent, though. If you have a high-res printer, use the PowerPoint versions, even if you have to download a PowerPoint viewer/printer to do-so. Likewise, if you want to adjust what you print (for instance, if you don't think you'll use some of the minis on a page and don't want to waste the ink/toner), it's do-able with the PowerPoint version, not-so-much with the PDF. All-in-all, the bundle is a decent value for the price. A little expensive, but at-least you get your money's worth.

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Fantasy Set [BUNDLE]
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