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5 Magic Items: Axes $1.99
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/17/2010 04:55:33

This is a set-up identical to the Blades PDF, with five axes, their values, abilities and the Knowledge charts that can give the PCs information on the items...with the possibility of completely misleading information.

Additionally, a rule for using bennies is supplied, in the event that the GM makes the Knowledge rolls. Essentially, PCs can make the roll blind and, even if they fail again, can get a hint that they are remembering SOMETHING wrong.

It's not the most elegant solution, but with the GM making rolls for the PCs in that case, there's not much you CAN do.

First up is the Falcon Axe, which is a nice name for an old classic, an axe that returns to your hand.

The Headhunter Cleaver is an Orcish axe that will seek the heads whenever possible. It's an ugly, violent weapon, with a REALLY nice plot hook that would be GREAT to surprise an unsuspecting user with.

The Magicbreaker Axe is not a wizard's best friend, and is valuable for a warrior battling spellcasting types.

Stonehewer axes can inflict massive damage on stone and anything made of stone, while Treecleaver axes are their plant-fighting equivalents.

This is a really good addition of some solid weapons to the Magic Items list, with the most inspiring item being the Headhunter Cleaver and its awesome plot hook (that requires two raises on a Knowledge roll for the wielder to be aware of).

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5 Magic Items: Axes
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