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Future's Past: Edge Station (1 of 5) $9.99 $8.99
Publisher: AAW Games
by Callum M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/12/2019 14:25:29

I don't often write reviews, but there were criminally few for this amazing product.

I was hesitant about buying this while searching for quirky and interesting third-party Starfinder compatible modules, despite Endzeitgeist's review and some recommendations online, because of the lack of information about it and the fact the other three modules in the series haven't been reviewed. I can honestly say it was well worth it, and on the strength of this first module I immediately purchased the other three currently available and am eagerly awaiting the release of the fifth. My recommendation here is for the entire campaign as a whole (so far anyway, the last episode hasn't been released), see Endzeitgeist's review for more specifics on this particular installment.

Non-spoilery recommendation: While it starts as a pure body horror adventure in this module, the later episodes open up into other rarely (satisfyingly) explored sci-themes. And it does them incredibly well.

That's it for non-spoilers, if there's any chance you'll ever play in this campaign you'll hate yourself and me if you read further.

... still here?

This campaign features time travel done superbly well, as the centrepiece of an epic space opera campaign. A great deal of thought has clearly been put into time travel as the primary underlying mechanic of the campaign, it's not just a gimmick. As an example, the first four modules (designed to take your players from levels 1-5) take place entirely on the same space station. And you most certainly will not get anyone complaining about repetitive gameplay. The early horror themes are almost a bait and switch for later modules that tone down the shock horror for more cerebral and social puzzles (how do you avert the disaster that left the station in the horrific circumstances you first found it in?! is somebody on the station aware you're trying to prevent the disaster and acting against you?! how is that even possible?!) with hints that the final module might have overtones of Mass Effect or Star Trek as you finally find a way to strike back at the overwhelming foe that's been acting behind the scenes.

The first two modules are very heavy on body horror, which might prove too steep an entry price for some groups without heavy modification - but the overall pathway as outlined is an incredible read. Any suitably machiavelian DM is going to be rubbing their hands together in glee when they consider how their players will be feeling experiencing the twists and turns of the campaign as they painstakingly piece together theories of what's happening, only to have them dashed upon the rocks of reality again and again.

And the production values are easily comparable with Paizo Starfinder products, with obvious affection for Starfinder lore and incredible art to boot (despite not being set in the official canon Starfinder universe it takes its queues from it and can easily be fitted into a canon starfinder universe by just replacing the Galactic Coalition with the Pact Worlds or a Pact Worlds/Veskarium Alliance)! Nuar administrators, Space-Goblin junk-savants, Maraquoi symbiotes, Formian techno-zombie-hives, so many great ideas throughout the campaign. Well worth your time and money.

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Future's Past: Edge Station (1 of 5)
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