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DRAGONSHIRE: Blacksmith & Stables $3.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Jim V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/08/2010 13:04:10

This is the first (and last) set that I purchased from Dragonshire Games. The art is good and the finished product can be worthy to adorn any gaming table, but the instructions and assembly mechanics leave quite a-bit to be desired. Often, cutting lines are not visible (if there at all), prescore/prefold lines are missing in most occasions, and the 'step-by-step' instructions and illustrations are so sparse that the modeler is required to try and 'divine' just what goes where and, worse, how to get there.

Case in-point is both the barrel and the well. These are not circles, by Hex-sided configurastions! Where are the pre-fold/score lines? When using 140 lb stock, as I do, you just can't take a circle and fit a hex-shaped top/bottom into it. Again, where are the fold/score lines?

Not recommended!


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DRAGONSHIRE: Blacksmith & Stables
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