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Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin $25.00 $7.50
Publisher: Reality Blurs
by Andrew L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/03/2010 20:46:32

This is the setting that I've been waiting for. I've been interested in the Savage Worlds system for quite a while but was waiting for the perfect way to introduce it to my gaming group. Lo and behold Iron Dynasty comes along and it has everything I could ask for. Martial arts action with steam punk flavor, magic and dueling galore. The guys love it, and its giving me tons of ideas to work with. This is an amazing book that I'm going to use for quite a while. The writing style is awesome and the world history is nicely fleshed out while allowing room to move around in. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to run a campaign thats out of the ordinary, full of crazy martial-arts action and adventure. Good value for your money, and a heck of a setting, definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new world to explore.

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Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin
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