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Shadowrun, Sixth World Core Rulebook $19.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Matthew B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/25/2019 11:11:51

It's bad, it's really really bad. Some of the core concepts are allright, some are not, but most importantly Catalyst's poor editing process continues. Such a mish-mash of good and poor ideas, with some concepts obviously having gone to press while still in the process of revision. You made metatypes more flexible, but then completely removed the balance between different attributes. Atrributes and skills cost the same to level up in place, but have dramatically different costs in character generation. Melee combat dmg makes no sense. You removed Force from spells, but had to backdoor add in again on many of them, kept Force for spirits, but made it so it was impossible bind spirits but binding sprites in the matrix was fine? Copy and pasted sections have numerous references to elemtents from previous editions that were removed, like grids. Was no one coordinating this?

Advice to Catalyst? Get an editor, get a project manager for all the freelancers you have workign for nearly free. That's two different people by the way. Completely redo this edition, it's barely useable as is, and in no way an improvement over 5th edition, was also riddled with errors, but at least better than this.

But everyone has been telling you this for years, and you haven't and won't, so I really would prefer you hang it up at this point.

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Shadowrun, Sixth World Core Rulebook
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