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0one's Black & White: Mad Scientist's Lab $1.99
Publisher: 0one Games
by Jeffrey J. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/03/2010 15:37:47

Øone games is one of the companies that have really taken to the PDF technology, and give you something that actually has functionality that would be impossible or next to impossible in a print product. This product uses PDF layers to let you choose square, hex, or no grid, as well as whether or not to print things like room numbers and furniture. You can even turn off the wall fill to save ink.

The Mad Scientist's Laboratory is set up to be printed at battlemap scale. It shows a large two-story house, the ground floor seemingly normal while the upper storey is given over to the sort of experiments that involve grave robbery, lots of late-night stitching, and an electrical storm. Furniture includes chemical vats, a steel table (with strapped-in monster) and even a room full of coffins.

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0one's Black & White: Mad Scientist's Lab
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