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Monster Menagerie: The Kingdom of Graves $3.99
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/29/2010 06:38:45

Mythic Menagerie - Kingdom of Graves is the second Mythic Menagerie monster book from Super Genius Games and OtherWorld Creations for the Pathfinder RPG. This product presents a small number of new creatures around the theme of undead, or more specifically undead that are in a position of power or influence. These creatures can be central to a campaign or if not used as undead creatures conspiring for domination, as new and interesting creatures to spring on unsuspecting player characters. The presentation standard is top quality, with some fabulous art - in fact, each creature is superbly illustrated, giving a vivid visual impression of the creatures to go with the written text. The creatures in this product (eight in total) range from CR 3 to CR 15, so are suitable to use in a variety of levels of play.

I really liked this product. While all the creature's aren't all that original in their bare statistics (e.g. a mummy aristocrat or vampire Fighter) the flavor text more than makes up for the lack mechanical ingenuity. The rot giant that can swallow a creature and then regurgitate it as a skeleton under its command is both creepy and clever, while the Masque Ghul is a formidable foe with flavors of Pirates of the Caribbean. The other creatures are equally useful and interesting - the flavor text strongly reinforces the theme of these being creatures that are meant to govern and conquer. I found that each creature description gave you plenty to work with as a GM, and the range of CRs means that this can appeal to all levels of play. This second instalment of Mythic Menagerie is a lovely product, with strong themes that are very well supported by good flavor and mostly strong and original mechanics. Coupled with top quality presentation, make this a worthy product to take a look at.

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Monster Menagerie: The Kingdom of Graves
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