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Best Left Buried: The Deluxe Edition [BUNDLE] $22.12 $18.97
Publisher: SoulMuppet Publishing
by Wayne R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/12/2019 05:51:52

I bought Best Left Buried on a bit of a whim if I'm honest. I love grim, gritty and dark fantasy rpg's, but have found many of them to be rather rules heavy. So when I saw this I bought it.

Let me just say that I am very happy I did! The system is simple yet flexible (2d6 + stat vs a TN 9, then some dials that mix this up) and the archetypes evocative (Cabbalist, Cut-throat, Veteran etc). The system allows for some very varied characters in a very simple framework, and one that comes with the tools and guidelines to build your own. The same goes for for fantasy races should you wish to use them. As you would expect in a dark, grim system, magic is there, but you won't be doing Elminster type shenanigans.

Although the game does not come with a bestiary as such, it gives you a fantastic monster builder, which to date I haven't found a monster concept I couldn't replicate. Did I mention this is also very simple to do?

Where's the grim dark I hear you say? Well that comes with the Grip (Sanity, Stress etc from other games) mechanic which is used to fuel abilities, re-rolls, resisting fearsome monsters etc. When this runs out, and it will, you can take afflictions or injuries to regain it. So before long, if your little crypt digger isn't careful, he or she will be sporting a variety of either physical or mental complications. It's all very elegant, and again, simple to use.

The game comes with a ready made scenario which is also well written and enjoyable, and if it isn't your cup of tea, well just buy one of the many Zini adventures that are now available!

If I were to make one criticism, it's that at times the rules aren't always 100% clear, I think this stems from the DIY nature of the game, which is also it's charm I guess. Luckily, as the rules, well the framework they are written on, is very transparent, it's not too hard to fill in these gaps yourself with a little common sense and reflection on other parts of the system. Additionally, although there is/were some errata needed, the author has thus far been very proactive about addressing these and so far I'm happy with the response time of resolving these concerns.

So far I have run 3 sessions (with more to come) with the system and it's been very enjoyable, for both myself as a Doomsayer (GM) and my players, unless they are all lying of course!

Oh the art, I forgot to mention the art. I personally love it, it's hand drawn work which I think evokes the right atmosphere, but if you're in to highly polished triple A productions you may be disappointed.

In summary, a great game that's easy to run, plus it has lots of support coming out for Doomsayers pretty much every other week! What's to not like!

Over and out.

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Best Left Buried: The Deluxe Edition [BUNDLE]
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