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Pencilvillage $4.00
Publisher: AndrewB
by Robert L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/24/2019 08:23:30

Absolute cracker of a game, five stars! As others have mentioned it does exactly what it says on the tin. It scratches the 'I want to play a city builder/ dwarf fortress style game but want to be done within an hour' and it does this VERY well. The basc game has you building a village, creating an economy to aquire resources and in the late game send heroes off on mighty quests for loot and glory. Each round there is an event that keeps you on your toes and the goal of every game is very different depending on what you choose at the start.

The Good: 1. The turn 'process' is simple and gives the game a good 'flow' 2. Gameplay stays fresh throughout the play through as each time you upgrade your core building new mechanics become available 3. HEAPS of ways to customise your games from different characters, maps and modular 'mods' you can plug and play to change your experience 4. Pretty sure the Designer is an Aussie (he said crickey in the video) so that is an automaic +1 for me 5. Active Designer. Quick to respond to feedback and sounds like he is listening to his fanbase. +1 again Things to consider (potential bug bears)
  1. The rules are a bit hard to understand and important things (like the default number of actions per turn in 3) is easy to miss. The Youtube Videos clarify the game really well.
  2. The maps are in grey scale and the icons can be a bit tricky to tell apart (was not too much of an issue but the option to print in colour would be nice)
  3. It is a much lighter version than Pencil Town but I would reccomend both games depending on what experience you are after
Wishlist for improvements
  • Colour maps
  • New maps/ character packs (happy if seperate purchase)
  • Custom 'Scenerios' (custom map with unique mods/ events/ rules like a map with a rival evil castle or something or a win condition to slay the largest monster)
  • coastal expansion (I just want to be a Pirate King...)

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for the glowing review. I really appreciate it :) Bugbears 1 and 2 will be improved soon, and at least half of your wishlist will come true :)
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