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Summoner's Circle $3.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Cyril R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/21/2019 16:26:39

Excellent article. Expands around the Summon Ally power and provide LOTS of nice and creative idea around it, for all kind of settings : Cultist summoning tentacles ? Druid summoning animals ? Fire wizard summoning Fire elementals ? Scientist teleporting dinosaurs out of his personnal zoo ? Psionic give forms to your ennemy fears ? You can do it.

Only point where I would differ is that Summon Ally is fixed to a single ally choice per rank, while I thik the "With the GM’s approval, the player may swap abilities." and "power modifiers like fly, light, and such" are crying for multiple possible summons within the same trapping (Animal summoner ? Novice could be a cat, a badger, a snake or a crow, and you couldn't use "light" modifier. Elemental summoner ? Could have earth, ice, water, ... elements, your "light" modifier would have to be fire, and "fly" would have to be Air. and so on). But that's personnal taste.

Article is easy to read, nice layout, gives many examples, sparks many ideas. near 40 pages that deserve their price !

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Summoner's Circle
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