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Occult Philosophy $19.99
Publisher: Schwalb Entertainment
by Simon S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/16/2019 15:45:03

Occult philosophy is an essential book for any long-term shadow of the demon lord group. Occult Philosopy contains over 800 new spells, with each tradition recieving at least two new spells from ranks 0 to rank 5, and one spell for each of new rank 6 to 10. These spells add a ton of options and variety to each of the traditions. The spells from ranks 6 to 10 provide ways for spellcasters to influence their game world with long-lasting and in some cases region wide effects. For example one of the rank 10 spells summons a meteor that destroys everything within a 3 mile radius.

The book is also stuffed to the gills with new paths both expert and master. Many of these new paths provide addional flavour providing ancillary talents and skills to make spell casters both more specialised and personalised. The book also contains a bestiary for the monsters and creatures which could be summoned and bound to your will by the new spells. Finally the book contains rules for paragon tier play which expands on the rules previously presented in the Forbidden Rules supplement. These new rules enable groups to continue their adventures beyond level 10.

The book is beautifully presented with original evocative artwork throughout. In my opinion Rob Schwalb has created a supplement packed full of gameale content which is useful for both GM and players alike.

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Occult Philosophy
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