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Files for Everybody: Nashi $3.95
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Jeffrey F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/10/2019 14:34:48

This Pathfinder 2nd edition compatible supplement is focused on the Nashi, a raccoon humanoid ancestry that has a focus on firearms. The author includes a sidebar on transferring their firearm focus to crossbows for the GM who doesn't want gunpowder weapons in their game.

Overall this supplement is well written and the art is excellent. The author does an excellent job of crafting Nashi culture and making pop so that by the time I was done reading the section I had many ideas about adding them to my own game worlds.

The 10 heritages are interesting and unique, and the Ancestry feats seem well balanced. Their is a good variety of ancestry feats as well which means playing Nashi won't get as repetitive as some of the Pathfinder 2nd core ancestries currently are. The class options for Alchemist, Sorcerer and Wizard all seem solid and good thematic choices.

The Equipment chapters covers new rules for firearms. The rules are interesting though the sniper trait is one that makes me scratch my head. The rule itself is simple and would represent something akin to a cinematic weapon silencer but seems out of place on one of the biggest weapons, and as such probable loudest weapons. Of course the intent seems to make that weapon a fantasy sniper rifle which these rules would achieve even if I'll need to suspend my personal disbelief.

Overall it is an excellent ancestry to add to the game.

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Files for Everybody: Nashi
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