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World of Darkness: Tales from the 13th Precinct
Publisher: White Wolf
by Michael H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/17/2010 11:07:42

Tales from the 13th Precinct is a well-written and useful resource for anyone interested in running a supernatural campaign in an urban setting: While it's specifically written for the WoD game system, much of the information is just as useful as inspiration or reference to other systems like Savage Worlds or the Dresden Files RPG. The fiction is solid and interesting, and there's a ton of inspirational material that can be mined for NPCs, scenes, plots, locations, or full-blown adventures. The PDF looks very good on screen, but like many of WW's PDFs, is not printer-friendly at all - this sucker will consume a ton of ink or toner if you try to print it out.

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World of Darkness: Tales from the 13th Precinct
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