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Unkindness (ICONS, HERO) $3.95
Publisher: High Rock Press
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/15/2010 17:47:28

The Good: Unkindness does provide a very interesting new villain, with a complete adventure AND twenty four additional plot seeds to use with the villain after the adventure is finished.

The Bad: If you are buying this for ICONS, the ICONS part of it feels like an afterthought. I know it is a lighter system than Hero is, but the ICONS support comes entirely in stat blocks. In parts where skills are discussed in the adventure, Hero Knowledge Skills are mentioned, but Specialties in ICONS are ignored, etc. The art is inconsistent as the cover art is...not great...but some of the interior art (especially the Raven King) looks wicked.

Conclusion: For a Hero adventure? Great buy. For an ICONS adventure? Eh, maybe, and that's the perspective I'm looking at this from.

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Unkindness (ICONS, HERO)
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