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Trinity Continuum: Aeon $19.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Scott K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/13/2019 21:09:05

Ever since I was tested for Psionic Latency at the White Wolf booth at DragonCon 1997, I've been in love with this game. I got the plastic bound core book, refused to put the 'Trinity' sticker on it, read it till the cover fell off, bought the soft-cover version and years later bought a pristine stickerless plastic bound core book again. I can turn my head 90 degrees and see all three, plus every other book from the Trinity Universe, on my bookshelf.

And now its back. It's back, and its lived up to the past and in many ways surpassed it. Sometimes wishes come true. The Trinity games were always a few steps ahead of the cultural zietgiest, and the new edition lives up to that legacy. Æon presnets a future that is both aspirational and foreboding, showing us a dream we can reach for and paths that we can hopefully veer away from (looking at you, FSA). Any Sci-Fi genre you can think of is represnted in this book, so you can build a campaign that focuses on your favorite or genre-hop to your hearts content.

The system is competely updated and really shines. First edition players won't be completely lost, but the Storypath System sings with modern game design. Having played a run a short campaign based on the Kickstarter manuscript, I can say that the system really emulates Sci-Fi action-adventure of all stripes. The Psi powers really shine, especially the rules of linking with other Psions to create some mind-bending effects.

I have my gripes, but they are mostly a result of that dread curse nostalgia. OPP has put together something special here which does honor to the unsung hero of the old White Wolf days while breaking new ground for the gamers of today.

Simply put, if you like Sci-Fi roleplaying, you need this book.

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Trinity Continuum: Aeon
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