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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 Heroic 3 Expansion $6.00 $4.80
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by Joe K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/08/2010 19:41:16

The latest in the series of counters designed to represent a certain company’s miniatures, the Fiery Dragon crew designed this product for use of the ‘heroic’ tier of the MM3. The book starts off with a medium great ape, and ends on zivort slasher. In between are filled out the ranks of elementals, dragons, and other monsters.

The art is line based and for the most part, clear of details making it easier to see the overall picture when printed. The coloring is a little cartoonish for my taste, but that follows the source material. The biggest downside for me would be the reuse of images. This is most noticeable when flipping through the images with an image viewing and moving back and forth as you can tell one image is either a mirror of another image or a slight coloration chance of another image or simply has different weapons.

Given the low price however, at $6.00, that’s a forgivable sin. In many instances, a single metal miniature would cost more than that price and if you wanted a miniature that was of one of the larger creatures, easily $20 or more. If you have a 4e game and you want the miniatures that fit the monsters without having to wait for WotC to product it in plastic or looking through a vast miniature collection, the Heroic Tier has all of your needs for 1st-10th level for the MM3 covered.

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Counter Collection Digital v3.0 Heroic 3 Expansion
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