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Libri Necromatica $2.97 $1.99
Publisher: Three Sages Games
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/01/2010 16:44:07

One of the first Necromancers for the 4th edition D&D game. The class is more of a half of a class in truth. There are powers here and are designed for the multi-class and hybrid class rules. Some powers are written to take advantage of one trait or another; Intelligence or Charsima for example. Other powers are certainly Arcane in nature, so one could use this Necromancer as one uses the Illusionist in 4e. The powers look mostly balanced if sometimes a bit underpowered in cases. There are some paragon paths that only seem loosely contected to the idea of necromancy (a pirate for example) and there are some necromatic monsters and magic. The art is CGI 3d images like the cover and not bad. The text is clear adn easy to read and well written.

Good: Finally nice to see a necromancer class and one that seems to be very playable.

Bad: It is only a half-class. While that really is not a big deal if you plan to do a lot of multi-classing and/or hybrid classes. Clerics, Warlocks and Wizards are good choices.

Final: Great ideas for an NPC, but in the end I wanted more.

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Libri Necromatica
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