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Publisher: Stories You Play
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/30/2010 22:20:29

Now, I've never seen a tabletop game based on poker before. I've tried my hand at writing a homebrew one based upon blackjack when I didn't anticipate having dice on a trip (which was really, really, really bad). I've also seen a couple based upon blackjack (they turned out better), and I've seen some with entirely unrelated systems made up just for them (again, better than my blackjack one).

The interesting thing about Dust Devils, though, is that it has heavy cinematic elements. It's not the most cinematic system I've ever seen, but it probably ranks up near the top. Character roleplaying is encouraged, and the rules are loose enough to permit anything and tight enough to feel comfortable.

Ultimately, for $10, you could do a lot with this book. However, if you want a full-tables-and-lists game, look elsewhere, since the simplicity here does not lend itself to giant tables filled with ten-foot-poles and rope. Instead, it works based on conflict, plain and simple, and character development.

Characters in Dust Devils are not intended to be permanent, either, so even the best character in the world will get a bum hand then be sent to his "end", be it a gunfight or retirement of less violent means.

I give Dust Devils a 5 just for its unique nature and originality, and the fact that it should be able to get any group thinking about characters, not guns or swords or artifacts.

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Dust Devils
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