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Dreams of the First Age (with errata) $60.00 $36.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Richard E H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2010 15:18:22

While the original boxed set version suffered from serious flaws - incoherent Solar charms, poor quality binding that led to books falling apart over time, and the usual complete lack of index - the PDF version solves all of these.

Extensive errata and completely re-written Solar charms not only repair the broken Solar charm section, but increase the length by 20 pages with exciting and high-quality new charms from Holden Shearer and John Morke.

A PDF obviously never falls apart.

The PDF is also both thoroughly bookmarked and searchable, allowing easier use as a reference document.

In short, a great product. If you've never bought Dreams of the First Age before, or you've been making do with a pirated scanned PDF, now is the time to upgrade. If you bought the original Dreams of the First Age, but want to encourage the White Wolf alternative publishing team to continue to upgrade and revamp their flawed earlier works with high quality new material, buy it again!

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Dreams of the First Age (with errata)
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