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Vengeance is Nigh $9.00 $3.99
Publisher: Basic Action Games
by Justin P. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/24/2010 21:16:06

Vengeance is Nigh is the first published adventure for BASH Ultimate Edition. I jumped on this as soon as it was released and recently had a chance to run it for a group of friends. We enjoyed the adventure, as it scratches the itch of an introductory superhero adventure and serves as a fantastic introduction to the grittier side of Megapolis. The end also comes with a rather surprising twist for how the adventure begins.

My only complaint with this one is that this adventure falls victim to the standard flaw of the great heroes looking to the little guys for help, and comes off as too much of a rail-road. If there was a little more setting description and a little more information that made this adventure feel like more of a comic book and less of a "quest" it would have gotten five stars. Still, it was an enjoyable introduction for new players to the mechanics behind BASH and the setting of Megapolis.

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Vengeance is Nigh
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