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Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting (PFRPG) $1.95 $1.35
Publisher: LPJ Design
by James b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/23/2010 14:53:10

Interesting ideas, a lot of polish needed though from the 3.5 monster stat blocks NOT in Pathfinder rules, to the lack of a map. Yeah, no map of the world at all, so it means you have to rework all of this into your own setting, or make a map of your own. For only being 15$ I am not counting it as a total loss, but with all the balance issues at hand, having to work it into a world instead of it being what is said it is "campaign setting", I am halting my purchase of LPJ products until I see more of an effort to make them a solid purchase.

Overall, this setting feels like a 3.5 product that was rushed to try and be made Pathfinder compatible, but in that rush, many issues were left out of the conversion. If you're looking for a template style thing to slap on top of a world you have already, or are working on, this is an ok product that needs more work.

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Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting (PFRPG)
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