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Tiny Supers $19.99
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Jason H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/29/2019 21:42:12

I had the good fortune to help Play Test some aspects of this game. It follows the TinyD6 Rules Set so if you are Familiar with any of the other TinyD6 Games like Tiny Dungeon or Tiny Wasteland you are already well on your way! 3d6 is all you need to be on your way to your own Super! Everything about Tiny Supers is in place to let you play in a Comic-Style world. If you want to try heroic things, or use increcidble powers in a System that gets out of the way and lets you just Play then welcome to The GallantVerse! All of the 'Classic' Super Hero tropes are available to you here, so if you want to craft a Tiny Supers version of your favourite Comic Character it is easily done as well!

Gone are the lengthy Character Creation Sessions, you pick an Archetype, Pick 3 Powers, an Origin and your already halfway to playing! Tiny Supers rewards your creativity and encourages it by following a more narrative driven approach to gameplay. There is minimal Book Keeping, only a very few Charts to be seen, in fact once you get past page 44 or so the entire book is devoted to either the GallantVerse Setting or the Micro Settings provided by some truly exceptional Authors.

My Group of Supers was up and running in under 90 minutes. This is a great game for anyone, even non-Gamers can easily jump right in. There are many Board Games that have more Rules and take longer to Set Up than this game takes to get you chasing down Super Villains, I'd even recommend it to people who do a Regular Board Game Night. It makes a great pallate cleanser as well if you have been entrenched in a Rules Heavy/Crunchy System for some time then this game is the perfect remedy. Get Super!

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Tiny Supers
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