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Welcome to Scarthey $5.95
Publisher: Rising Phoenix Games
by Marco v. D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/14/2019 10:38:19

Really only a few pages with the most rudimentary and introductory words you can imagine.

Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game? There aren't any game-stats, classes, abilities, skills, traits or anything else for even a single person or creature or other rules-related content whatsoever. Members of the faculty are only presented giving their name and about two further sentences. Nothing is decribed in any more detail. There's an overview map and a picture of the "academy". This book contains nothing you cannot come up with much better with a few minutes of thinking about the given topic - especially related to a theme like a magic academy with the idea of Hogwarts in mind.

In addition to that the file has a very low technical quality. It's very large since all "texts" are pictures. No bookmarks, no hyperlinks and you cannot search or mark any text, since there is no "text".


The book is utterly useless for players and GMs alike.

Might only be useful free of charge as the pages of an advertisement for a large setting-book with some truly groundbreaking content.

This book is a bad joke, especially at $5.95.

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Welcome to Scarthey
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