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Ghouls: Fatal Addiction
Publisher: White Wolf
by Craig H. Date Added: 09/11/2005 23:26:06

Having not read the NEW Ghouls book I'm not here to compare notes but say that THIS book I found most intriguing. I can only guess that the new Ghouls book has taken what was already established and sprinkled in some oddities. I must say that playing a ghoul was by far a very satisfying, albeit, twisted experience.

As is standard WW practice, the opening narration was dark and perverse but still a good read. The nuts and bolts of the book are solid but you may raise a question or two about 'certain' things. You'll know what I mean once you read it through. On the negative side, the artwork is not up-to-par with the more recent editions. Just overlook them.

All in all, I liked it. It will be interesting to see what the new Ghouls book has to offer. I still play the old system and since I am a Giovanni fanatic you can see why ghouls are a facinating lot for me.

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Ghouls: Fatal Addiction
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