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THRILLING TALES - Pulp Villains: NAZIS $5.00
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/01/2010 18:13:50

This is a good, basic, description of the Nazi menace in pulp adventure. As many others have pointed out here, it's hardly and exhaustive discussion, and much of the information included should simply serve to drive the conscientious GM onto the web to look up extra information for him/herself.

There are a large number of excellent plot hooks in this volume, and plenty of ideas on how to work the villains into your campaign. While I don't actually play Thrilling Tales, I do use the information contained in these volumes to help liven up my Call of Cthulhu scenarios -- and while this one is more clearly than most set in the mid- to late-30's, eventually (if they live long enough) my players will get there. And what will they think about the Nazis after confronting eldritch horrors for over a decade and a half? Hmmm.

The technical data included in the book is excellent and generally restricted to the time period being discussed -- no anomalous Tiger tanks here! And while I suppose you could accuse the authors of some mindless pedantry if you're so inclined, I generally felt they did a good job of selecting the material included and described in this supplement. The "bad guys" range from your average SA thug to more dangerous opponents including the ever-popular Nazi Sorcerer (by all means, check out "Ahnenerbe" on the web -- you'll be surprised!)

Still, there were a few surprising gaps in the volume, but an assiduous GM should be able to fill them in with little or no trouble if he's just curious enough to spend an evening surfing the web. DriveThru did their usual excellent job or reproducing this one -- no problems reading any of the material or viewing any of the art work. The biggest problem I had with this one is that it was too short. It could have easily been twice as long without wasting any space. Still, a good solid "4" effort.

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