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Guildhouses, Hospitals, & Other Professional Places (City Builder Volume 4) $2.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Martin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2010 09:04:13

The adventurer group enters the city and - leaves healed and packed with supplies? No! There are places to visit and places not to visit, but who knows what happens after a night of drinking in that bar? The "City Builder" series details both kinds of places, namely Craftsman, Entertainment, Professional, Tradesman, Mercantile, Service, Scholarly, Religious, Governmental, and Underworld Places! This forth volume handles Professional Places like Guildhouse, Mages's Lodge, Training Hall etc. Each place is described in detail (meaning in real detail, e.g. with historical background) and at least two adventure hooks for each place are presented. In the appendix the organization and regulations of guilds are detailed and even tables for a random guild generator are provided. Volume 4 of the series again presents a great source of inspiration for the GM. Like all parts of the series it is fully illustrated and comes in high and low resolution versions for screen and print. For $1.99 you get 28 pages of valuable supplements - go get it!

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Guildhouses, Hospitals, & Other Professional Places (City Builder Volume 4)
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