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Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting (PFRPG) $1.95
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/21/2010 13:50:28

Watching the movie Inception this weekend, I was given the final nudge to finish my review of Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting by LPJ Designs.

The premise of Inception has nothing to do with the storyline behind Obsidian Twilight. The correlation comes with their level of innovation when compared to similar products.

Whether you liked it or not, you can certainly agree that Inception is a completely different kind of movie. The same can be said for the Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting when compared to other campaign settings. Obsidian Twilight creeps off of the scale in terms of pure creativity. It's only drawback is that it should be longer.

For those who have not purchased any of the races or world info about Obsidian Twilight, it is a campaign setting that takes place after the heroes have failed. The world is ended, most if not all humans are dead, and the races that are left behind range from the goo like Khymer to the half-dead Harrowed. Undead rule the world. And the only somewhat good character is an angel that has had part of his face partially burned away.

In other words, this is very dark stuff.

The Obsidian Twilight Campaign setting is a compilation of previously released material with a hundred new spells, a few new monsters and a bit more flavor to flesh out the world. The 168 page PDF fleshes out all of the major eight races in Abaddon, gives tons of customer options with feats designed for the world and comes to life with unique new spells that play around with the post apocalyptic fantasy atmosphere.

As usual with LPJ, you are enchanted in by the amazing artwork and coaxed to stay by the solid writing. The only drawback is that there just feels like it should be more. The three prestige classes are fantastic, but I kept wanting to know how other classes would adapt to these new conditions. In other words, where does the bard fit in when there's nothing chipper to sing about? How do the priests function without gods.

For the Player Obsidian Twilight is the backdrop for my current campaign, and my players have thoroughly enjoyed the races. But one race has jumped to be the favorite of them all, so much so I had to limit the number of players who could be this race. Since the dawning of RPGs, players have always wanted to play lycanthropes and Lycans give the best opportunity to play it in a balanced game.

For the Dungeon Master Whereas the PDF is lighter than most campaign books on crunch, it makes up for in inspirational fluff. You will probably want more world design and information, but the plus side is there is nothing stopping you from imagining the world for your own. My Obsidian Twilight world is a mash up of this book and Paizo's Kingmaker campaign.

The Iron Word Like a medium-rare Kobe Steak Tenderloin, I was left wanting more but thoroughly satisfied at the experience I had, though brief. Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting is inventive. Possibly one of the most inventive settings you are going to find. You can use it as an entire setting or branch it off as undead territory in your campaign world.

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Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting (PFRPG)
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