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BESM Dungeon
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Publisher: White Wolf
por Hamilton R. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 07/18/10 05:24:53

BESM is a good system for playing any genre. You can't go wrong with either 2nd or 3rd edition. It is heavily-adorned with anime flair; the characters are mostly better-than-average humans. If you want to play gritty humanoids with many quirks and faults, then BESM is not that type of game. So, for 8 dollars, if you bought BESM rules, then this supplement is OK to purchase. While it gives you some interesting ideas for dungeon-crawling anime action, most of the book is tied into the story-line of Lysandra and the sample dungeon.

If you decide to get this game, make a decision on paper or PDF first, and be happy with the one copy you have.

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BESM Dungeon
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