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Save the Universe Pay What You Want
Publisher: Don Bisdorf
by Knaight B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2019 08:49:44

I've adored this game, and I think it's brilliant. These aren't always factors that go together, but in this particular case everything works smoothly in every step. There's some excellently compiled lists used for setting generation, which both pretty thoroughly cover works in the space opera genre and provide inspiration for making new settings that would otherwise not have been made. The character archetypes are similar, providing just enough guidance to be helpful without getting obtrusive. The dice mechanic takes a little getting used to, but it's fast and interesting, and it feeds well into various other systems (progress and setback clocks in particular). Then there's the GM advice, it was useful to me even as a veteran and it at least reads as being incredibly helpful for newer GMs. I'd strongly recommend this to people who favor rules light and setting light games.

In particular, the combination of list picking and answering of open questions when setting up the campaign, along with the particular lists and questions is fantastic. It's evocative, it's delightfully weird and unpredictable, and it avoids some of the issues with slowdown and predictability that comes from more open collaboration.

For a concrete example here, the campaign I'm running with this was nicknamed The Gulags of Cthulhu. It doesn't have gulags per se and definitely doesn't have cthulhu, but the whole idea of an oppressive surveilance state backed by an alien superintelligence and their beasts probably wouldn't have occured to me. Neither would have calling the secret police "mentors" or having the beasts make a strange static sound, but when the sound is explicitly asked for that comes out.

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Save the Universe
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