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City Modular Map-Tiles (COTBS) $10.00
Publisher: Black Scrolls Games
by Mike H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/28/2019 21:28:53

This pack has immediately become one of my "go to" packs. So many different buildings yet all fitting so nicely with each other. I use primarily as VTT and to tweak in photoshop for further variation, and my group's praise for the all the Black Scroll's work (esp this one) is more than enough for me to keep coming back.

1) No one in this city ever has to go to the bathroom. My group wanted to ambush someone on the way to the outhouse or privvy, but.... it doesn't exist. Same for other packs (Castle, Village, etc). Someone can make a lot of money with the HD Toilet Tileset. 2) A couple of the Night tiles (butcher, slum) the group thought were a little too dark. An easy fix (and entirely subjective) on the digital tiles; no idea how the physical tiles render.
3) This works so well with the Village pack also from this publisher! Keep up the good work.

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City Modular Map-Tiles (COTBS)
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