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Dark Dungeons Pay What You Want
Publisher: Gurbintroll Games
by Jose R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/21/2019 06:42:02

Great game! I already own a printed and PDF copy of the Rules Cyclopedia, but the rules in this book are better explained and maybe better organized, without mentioning that it also includes the immortal rules. It is clear that there is a LOT of work in this book. Just read one 4 star comment complaining about the fact that this game is a retro-clone. Just think it's completely unfair, considering that the author makes it very clear in the book about the nature of the game as being a clone, and that if you were looking for a modified version of the game you should go for Darker Dungeons. The funny thing is that the person giving the 4-star review already knew this... Well done Blacky!!!

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Dark Dungeons
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