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Operation: Drop Bears Dive!
Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Mark P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2010 01:09:25

OMG guys I will tell you no lies I am a total noob when it comes to the game. I have only won 2 out of 25 or so games! Honestly I don't care the game is so fun and this book is cream of the crop! I love the art and the added story! The epic added missions or scenarios are as good as they get! It got me so excited to get down to my local hobby store Avatar Games here in Las Vegas shameless plug I know :). I had to get me some Koalas and I had to get a few boxes! Too bad they had only one and it was an employees personal box and he was kind enough to give me his box until the order comes in. You Heavy Gear Blitz Fans Get this book its well worth the $15.00 and help DP9 keep this great company pounding out great books for us! I know another shameless plug :). Seriously if you love the Heavy Gear art and paint you will love this book! I even had to buy the Drop Bear patches today to be exact. Thats how cool this book is! Just one mans opinion. Trust me you'll love yourself and hate yourself because you will go buy yourself some dingos, koalas, and dark kodiak!

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Operation: Drop Bears Dive!
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