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THRILLING TALES: Suddenly...Encounters
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/11/2010 19:05:00

Actually, I got this for some ideas on things I could do to spice up my Call of Cthulhu campaigns (my group tends to be more adventurous than the stereotypically pedantic "Investigators" that CoC tends to focus on).

I was very pleasantly surprised. The material is descriptive enough by its nature to not be limited to the Thrilling Tales game or D20 system. The materials is complete and provides enough of a feel for the events (and some possible motivations and outcomes) that it is very easy to place them in any system. All in all, it was a surprisingly good job of providing some one-off encounters with ramifications beyond the expected for the players.

As usual, DriveThru's reproduction of the material was exceptional. All things considered, this one clearly deserves a "4."

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THRILLING TALES: Suddenly...Encounters
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