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IRONCLAW Omnibus: Squaring the Circle
$59.95 $15.00
Publisher: Sanguine Productions
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/07/2010 21:06:01

Okay. This game is pretty well-done. It's got professional looks, art that doesn't gouge out eyes or look unprofessional, lots of options for character development, et cetera.

It's not the most complex system in the world, but it is a mite bloated, granted in the good too-much-information-overly-versatile way, rather than the roll-to-see-quantifications-on-your-hair way. The armory contains enough weaponry to satisfy me, and takes a Renaissance era-game feel.

All-in-all? I like it, it's got a success system similar to Shadowrun, but not in any way close to ripping it off.

It's rare to see an anthropomorphic setting with so much dignity (as quite a few degenerate, but I'm not gonna dwell on that here), and even more rare to see one set in a high-fantasy Renaissance with magic feel. The setting, even without any anthropomorphic elements, would be unique. Also, unlike some anthropomorphic settings, this one treats different species with less of a style of "different is different" as "different is similar", there are no worse or better species, just ones with a propensity for things, and no prohibitions or requirements.

The art is crisp and clean over the top fare (I was looking for Phil Foglio in the arts credits, since a lot [but not all] of it is reminiscent of his works as seen in Avernum).

If you want a game in this genre, while granted, there are very few that I could name (the other one being Harvesters, albeit that is more of a Redwall-styled low-fantasy), this is a great bet. 300+ pages of interesting content.

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IRONCLAW Omnibus: Squaring the Circle
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