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Book 1: Mercenary
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Publisher: Mongoose
par Daniel H. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 07/07/2010 20:55:16

Once again, Mongoose has re-issued and re-detailed a previous CT era book, in their own image. A perfect score here is avoided by the various weapons data errata (ranges that are way short for TL8 Mortars for example, having used them, they can get 3.5kms without a booster charge). The meat of the book however and so far many of the reviewers have missed the point: a Mercenary outfit IS a BUSINESS, and runs like one, with certain respects. Mongoose does not fail to touch upon this point, and even gives various TL advantages and disadvantages for theese unit's upkeep and bases. Mongoose also maintains a wider range of D66 results in the career building/ career events tables which is better than 2-12 choices for variety's sake (roll up a platoon of mercs and see what I mean if you've more choices, your NPCs wn't all look like cookie-cutter straw dogs)! Definitely a must-have for players and GM's alike with the roll-dice-blow-stuff-up crowd!

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Book 1: Mercenary
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