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Operation: Drop Bears Dive!
Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Patrick S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2010 09:13:05

I was originally going to give Operation: Drop Bears Dive! a four star rating but then I thought better of it. Drop Bears is a book that doesn't quite know what kind of book it wants to be, but in this particular case that's actually a good thing. The book is built around a single regiment and does a very good job of developing its history and culture. It also introduces a few interesting character who all play an important role in the regiment, from it's commanding officer to it's engineers and technicians. Details such as equipment and generic NPC stats are also included. The book introduces a few new units, which are all beautifully painted and showcased. While it is mostly aimed at Northern players, Southerners will also find something to have fun with. A lot of new art is on display as well, and while some of it is a bit flat, the more painted pieces are great. As the previous reviewer noted, the presentation is top notch from beginning to end. There are a few scenarios included, which I personally don't care much for, but that's just a matter of taste. In a game as flexible as Heavy Gear Blitz!, scenarios are rather restrictive and seem unnecessary as it is very easy to give your standard game a certain narrative flair by simply putting some thought into the specific objectives that are chosen. For what it's worth, the scenarios offered here are neither better nor worse than those offered in previous campaign books, if you enjoy them. Where the book seems a bit schizoid is when it attempts to serve both as a roleplaying and as a wargaming supplement. While it does a good job at both, it might annoy some readers who are looking for one or the other. Stats are included for Blitz! as well as for 2nd and 3rd editions of the Heavy Gear RPG. Hopefully, if and when a 4th edition comes out, supplements such as this one will benefit from not having to cover multiple incarnations of the same game.

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Operation: Drop Bears Dive!
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