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Tiny Dungeon Print and Play Bundle
Publisher: Smoking Salamander
by John P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/30/2019 23:21:38

There's a new edition out, which you should get. BUT this bundle includes TWO complete adventures which are 100% compatible with 2e.

In comparison, the 2nd edition rulebook offers zero adventures, and to my knowledge there are only two other ready-to-play TD2e adventures released to date. (Brian Fitzpatrick's Mad Magicks of the Turned God is available for sale on its own, and Robert Denton's Literal Tiny Dungeon is found in Tiny Zine no. 5.)

Getting two more adventures for this price is quite a bargain. So if you're a GM who wants to run Tiny Dungeon 2e, get this bundle.

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Tiny Dungeon Print and Play Bundle
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