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Eclipse Phase (first edition) $19.99
Publisher: Posthuman Studios LLC
by Eric H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/27/2019 20:16:32

I purchased the hardcover copy of this rulebook. I will not be discussing the actual content of the book (i.e. the Eclipse Phase RPG) since I am already familiar with it through the widely-available digital publication. I wanted a physical copy of the rulebook, because I find physical rulebooks far more ergonomic (while playing the game) than digital copies.

The condition of the book is excellent, having only recieved a tiny dent to the edge of the front cover during shipment. The pages were printed cleanly and exactly on good quality paper, which feels like actual paper to the touch. Compare this to a National Geographic magazine, which feels smooth and like plastic. The pages had a slight tendency to curl sinusoidally from the spine to the right edge of the book when it was first delivered, but that has begun to smooth out after a few days of use.

The printing made the colors slightly less vivid in comparison to the digital copy, which is by no means a bad thing and is certainly not a publishing flaw. I attribute matte-ness of the book's colors to the fact that it is not a computer screen, and thus not projecting the image directly into my eyes. The one flaw in printing that I have found is the section of sample characters, which was printed slightly too high on the page. The top few millimeters of the character's archetype title are cut off by the top of the page, and there is a 2mm line of brighter red at the very bottom edge of the page. I don't intend to complain or ask for any reimbursement, due to the fantastic customer serivice of the DriveThruRPG team.

When I first ordered this book, I mis-typed my area code. When the original book was mailed to me, it seems to have gotten lost in the mail as a result. When I contacted DriveThruRPG about this (after reading their FAQ and following their issue reporting procedure), they immediately contacted their publishing house and sent me a duplicate hardcover rulebook, free of charge! That kind of unthinking generosity earned them a maximum-score review, and a potential return customer should I need another hard-to-find RPG rulebook. Thank you DriveThruRPG!

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Eclipse Phase (first edition)
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