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Call to Arms: The Warlord $2.49
Publisher: Schwalb Entertainment
by Chad M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/18/2019 15:23:36

A gorgeous pdf and an acceptable character class. It IS stronger than PHB classes, a d10 hit die and proficency in all armor and shields. Its based around Charisma (but has Wisdom as the Save it is proficent in?), which stacks a little too well with other Cha-based classes. That said, if you run or play in an especially brutal game, these benefits aren't going to effect the balance too much, the PC will need them to survive while he micromanages the battlefield.

This class is not the Striker of a group, its very solidly Support just like the Marshal was back in 3rd. It gives extra attacks, bonuses to AC, damage, movement and saves, helps with skill checks, and at the highest levels bring allies back from the brink of death. It IS a fiddly class. A halfling warlord, with the Luck feat, and a focus on grappling will be an action-denial/redo machine, add spellcasting to the mix from multiclassing and I'd restrict it to only your most veteran of players.

The Stratagems are all very flavorful and mechanically appropriate, though rules language seems to suffer towards the end of the pdf in one or two instances, but not enough to confuse what its trying to do. Out of all the Stratagems, Hordemaster seemed the weakest to me, less about contolling a group and more about just making it faster. I was surprised it didn't give a bump to AC against opportunity attacks to its allies, only gave a bump to Athletics instead of that and Acrobatics (to escape from gapples with Str OR Dex), and there was no do X after X feet of movement. I'd have loved to have seen Hordemaster directing its own Horde, with minions like in 4th that do poor-average damage, but drop on a hit. You know, for those low (1-2) player count groups.

I really, really liked the Daring Gambler Stratagem, even if giving baddies a free opportunity attack on an ally would come as a nasty surprise for a Player unaware that you can do it. I hope to see more things to compliment this class, Backgrounds, Equipment, Tools and Weapons, Magic Items, Mounts and Sidekicks (from UA) would all be great.

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Call to Arms: The Warlord
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