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Call to Arms: The Warlord $2.49
Publisher: Schwalb Entertainment
by Richard M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2019 14:11:41


The Warlord was easily my favorite character class in 4E. I loved the ability to be the master of support, giving tactical bonuses and niche effects while also being a potent healer. Sure, I could do some damage on my own, but my main benefit was making everyone else better. This meant that I needed to be hyper focused throughout the combat to make sure each of my bonuses were being used, movements were clear of my triggers, and healing occurred at the proper times. I was a bureaucracy of one. So I completely understood when the Warlord was not among the light-hearted 5E classes. Even so, I mourned my favorite class.

Then Rob Schwalb shows up like he's Santa Claus and I'm on the nice list.

This version of the Warlord is outstanding. It grants positive benefits in both active and passive ways, requiring tactical thinking and play, but without taking too much away from the cleanliness of 5E combat. Issuing Battlefield Commands at the start of combat adds minimal time to a moment when everyone is waiting for the DM to organize combat anyways. The Warlord only gets a few temporary hit points to throw around, which is fine, since healing works so differently in this edition. Attack Command is a fantastic ability, especially with Extra Attacks at higher levels, and high level Warlords overall seem like a ton of fun.

Also, coming right out of the gate with SIX class archetypes is fantastic. These Military Stratagems each give a unique feel to the class, though none of them stray too far from the theme of a tactician. The Daring Gambler has a very strong ability at 3rd level, granting a kind of Reckless Assault to nearby allies. The Golden General has a great ability to inspire troops to fight at their very best. But my favorite might be the Resourceful Leader, who can find success even when things are about to go wrong.

The Warlord is an incredible addition to 5E, allowing you to play like a tactical genius without needing to micro-manage your adventuring party. Go click the button and buy it right now!

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Call to Arms: The Warlord
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