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Under the Rose $0.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/01/2010 04:54:40

Set in a ‘possible future’ for the Exalted line, Under the Rose deals with the return of the Scarlet Empress. Whilst using this module as the entry point to an Exalted storyline that focuses on a major metaplot shift would be intriguing, I would not recommend that this be a ‘first game’ for a new group. There is simply too much history and setting knowledge that is required to come into this as a fresh player. In some places the plot advancement seems a little forced and relies on players realising that the pregenerated characters have exactly the right combination of powers at certain points to overcome specific challenges. If they don’t, it can result in a little more work from the Storyteller to bring things back on track – and given the magnitude of some of the challenges and the overall goal of the module, that can sometimes be a daunting task. That said, as a module for experienced players with characters enhanced by actual play (and experience points) it has a lot of potential. I’d advise potential Storytellers to read it very carefully, and prepare well in advance. Likewise, ensure that you are comfortable with the outcome of the adventure, as it will significantly alter the way your Creation can look and feel.

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Under the Rose
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