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Knave $2.99
Publisher: Questing Beast Games
by Alexander D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2018 18:35:56

I switched from Pathfinder to 5E D&D because I love how simple and flexible it is. It allowed me to share the hobby with a lot more people in my life because it was less intimidating and confusing and generally overwhelming. But that being said, a lot of times I'd have friends still reject the chance to do a one-off over board games because making characters would still take them at least an hour or two at the beginning of the night and that's no fun.

The point is, Knave is so accessible I got my mom to try it. Hell, I ran a one-off dungeon using Knave with my friends and in about 3 hours of play we went through 3 different parties because characters kept dying, and we could roll up new ones in about 5 minutes. I still love 5E a lot, and it'll be my game of choice in my regular group, but Knave is definitely my game for ad-hoc one-off sessions with miscellaneous people in my life who don't play D&D that regularly. It's fucking brilliant.

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